Thursday’s Fab Five

I know I haven’t been the best with my Fab Five recently, hopefully I can get back on track now!!
1. Bath & Body Works ‘First Bloom’ 3-Wick Candle
As always, I try to have a candle of the week.  This week, or actually past 2 weeks, it’s been the amazingly fresh floral scent of First Bloom.  Once again B&BW really hit the nail on the head with their Fresh Picked Collection!
2. TRESemme Curl Care Flawless Curls Hair Mousse
I love this product year round, but I really love it during the summer to create a beach-y look.  It’s extra hold & humidity resistant…perfect for the somewhat sticky weather during this time of year.  TRESemme has been favorite mousse for years, but I’ve been using it so much recently, I figured I’d add it to my Fab Five list!
3. Shick Intuition 
Since we’re all probably wearing sundresses every day, especially in D.C. we’re experiencing a lovely heat wave right now, it’s super important to flaunt super smooth and moisturized legs.  Duh.  The Shick Intuition is honestly the absolute best razor ever…so I think.  I use the Naturals one, it’s 100% Aloe and Vitamin E, so I know I’m getting a great amount of moisturizing qualities with every shave.

4. Essie’s ‘Bouncer, It’s Me” 
This color, from the Neon 2013 line, is everything.  It’s looks best as a pedicure, but I’m currently wearing it on both nails right now.  It’s so bright, I love it.  I’m not sure if there’s something wrong with my bottle, or just the fact that the consistency is so different because its “neon”, but it wasn’t very easy to apply…I had to be super meticulous.  However…once it was on it looked great.  Just don’t get discouraged if it looks weird after one, or even two coats, just do your best to even it out!
P.S.: Essie suggests using a layer of ‘Blanc’ as a base coat to make the neon color pop, I didn’t do that and it still looks fab. 
5. Oklahoma
We all know about the devastating tornado that ripped through Moore, Oklahoma.  Everyone across the country was so quick to help out with Hurricane Sandy, and we all need to be as equally quick with Oklahoma.  Check out this website for a list of how you can help the tornado victims!  Even just the smallest $5 can go a long way.  

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