Relaxin’ in Buenos Aires!

Hi! I’m finally back!
Two weeks ago I went to Buenos Aires for a week, with a day trip to Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay…with two of mi besties.  Needless to say it was beyond amazing, the food was out of this world, all of the street art was incredible, and the entire experience of just touring around the city was awesome.  It’s taken so long to post because I accidentally left my laptop in NJ, and then couldn’t find my camera cord…but now I’m back on track!
Here are some pics, of us touring the city.  Tomorrow I’ll feature all of the amazing restaurants we dined at, each one really was amazeballs.
Caminito, so many colorful buildings! 

La Recoleta Cemetery 

The tomb of Eva Peron, we actually happened to visit it on her birthday, it couldn’t have been more perfect! 

Plaza de Mayo 
Casa Rosada 

Gates to the city of Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay  

Lighthouse in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay 
Didn’t realize until after leaving, but this is the oldest church in Uruguay!
Floralis Generica 
Selfies on the bus tour. No biggie. 
A little trip to the zoo. Love aquariums! 

The most touristy tango show ever.  Good thing there were multiple bottles of wine involved. 

Puerto Madero 
Our last night we went to the best drag show in all of life.
And…the best part…the culinary journey…will be featured tomorrow! xo 

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