D.C. Happenings: Nusta Spa Reflexology 101

Saturday morning I woke up at 8am and prepped myself for….the spa! hehe 
I found an old Groupon for Nusta Spa in D.C. that had unfortunately expired ($70) but was still redeemable for $30, the amount I had paid for it.  [Since I recently found a bunch of expired Groupons I’ve created a much more efficient system of tracking them all!]
Nusta Spa is D.C.’s “First Green Day Spa”, so naturally I was excited to go, I was a loyal Natural Body client in D.C. [and in Cumming, GA when my Dad lived there] but alas, the D.C. location closed a few years ago, my Dad doesn’t live in GA anymore, and my loyalty to Natural Body as being the only/ best green spa I’ll ever go to, has unfortunately wained.  
So, good thing I found this Groupon because I’ve found the experience of a green spa really is unique and more enjoyable than your typical day spa.  Or, maybe I just feel that way because I’m green conscious? Who knows, and who cares. 
Anyway, I was browsing the services online and I came across reflexology, which is a treatment I’ve been wanting to try for awhile, but didn’t want to necessarily pay for at the moment.  Reflexology focuses on pressure points in the feet and hands and is more of a healing practice, opposed to a traditional full body massage, yet delivers the results of one, and then some.
Some of the benefits of reflexology include…
-Pain management 
-Stress reduction
-Increased circulation
-Increased energy flow 
-Stimulation of the digestive system 
Since reflexology is a healing practice it focuses on balancing the chi [energy] of the different systems of the body.  I’m constantly on the move going to work, class, having 12+ hr long days, etc- and I’ve had a lot on my plate lately so I really did feel a little out of whack and needing to get my chi back in place!
Well, my therapist, Chardette, was so awesome, I can’t wait to go back to her!  I explained it was my first time, and explained to me in order for the practice to work we needed to jive and share our energy. She also didn’t promise that it would work the first time because well, it was my first time.  
I was a tiny bit skeptical, but I can say I felt totally relaxed and rejuvenated by the end of the 50mins, and at points I actually felt like I was in a dream world.  Since it’s prime time allergy season, and I have the worst allergies on this planet, Chardette focused on points that would affect my sinuses, and I can say that that seriously helped, a lot
Nusta Spa itself was also great, super friendly receptionist, comfy robes and good flip flops, and a very clean women’s locker area with nice showers and amenities.  I love the feeling of a green spa, it’s just different, and the whole spa had a great vibe.  The waiting area is small, but cozy with good magazines, both cucumber and lemon water, and trail mix.  My appointment was at 9am and that’s exactly when I went in for my treatment, I was so happy I wasn’t waiting at all, that’s one of my biggest pet peeves.
Bottom line: I’ll be going back when I have some extra spa money.  Next treatment on my list to try is cupping, which I’ve read a lot about from Gwyneth Paltrow, and the lymphatic drainage pressure point therapy [sounds kinda scary, but isn’t].
If you’re in the D.C. area, check out Nusta Spa’s Services here!  If not, look to see if you have any green spas in your area and try a healing treatment sometime, I promise it’s worth it! xo

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