Thursday’s Fab Five

1. Marriage Equality 
Well, I don’t need to say much here besides…who are we to decide who can marry who?  Love is love is love is love.  End. of. story. 

2. NARS ‘Laguna’ Bronzer

I’ve been using NARS Laguna for a while now, and seeing that I’m almost out & need to buy a new one, I figured I’d put it in my weekly Fab Five!  Check out my review here, and def check out all of the NARS bronzers & see which fits you best.  They’re seriously great!

3. Gap’s 1969 Legging Skimmer Jean
Gap makes the best affordable jeans, in my opinion.  I have two pairs I wear all  the time, but I wanted to spring-ify my wardrobe so I decided to add a pop of color to my collection.  I purchased the neon pink skimmer jeans, and while I haven’t worn them yet, I can’t wait to pair them with a cute black top & wedges.  Shop for them here!  

4. Michael Kors White Acetate Parker Three-Hand Glitz Watch

This watch was one of my graduation presents from my fabulous mother this past May and I only started wearing it recently, don’t ask me why, I’m silly.  I think this is the perfect summer accessory, and it look great with a tan!  I know Michael Kors watches are extremely popular these days and everyone has them, but I love this one because I haven’t seen many people [if any] with it.  Wearing this is my constant reminder that summer isn’t too far away!  You can find it at Neiman’s, here!  

5. VersaSpa Spray Tans
I’ve been spray tanning for years, but I’m featuring this on this week’s Fab Five because I think everyone should try to embrace the changing of the seasons with a nice tan.  Since it’s still so cold & blustery here in the D.C. area everyone should be finding ways to fight this awfulness.  So, I say what better way than this!?  VersaSpa is my favorite booth, it always gives an even tan, no orange-ness, and options [i.e. 2 step process, different color levels, etc.]  It’s generally not overly expensive, and if you take care of the spray tan [no exfoliating, intensely moisturize] it can last about 10 days.

Well, those are my Fabulous things of the week, feel free to share any of yours!! 
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