Spring Flat Must Haves

I’m just casually putting together all the spring items I feel I can’t live without this season.  Since I’m always moving around from work to class, playing with the dog, going grocery shopping, etc my need for cute & colorful flats is at an all time high this spring.
I’ve come up with five pairs, of which I plan on getting two this year.  I’m thinking the TOMS don’t count in the two, because ya know, nobody can ever have too many pairs of those.  Anyway, hmmm, which ones will I pick? =] 
1. Vera Wang Lavender Lara Flats {$175}
2. TOMS Classic Crochet Slip-On {$57.95}
3. Kate Spade Trudi Flats {$228}
4. Sam Edelman Aster Smoking Slipper {149.95}
5. Kate Spade Terry Flats {$228}

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