Origin’s High-Potency Night-A-Mins

We all know how I feel about Origins, I wish I could be their spokeswoman, that’s how much I love them.  Well, I’ve been using their moisturizer, High-Potency Night-A-Mins since the summer and now that I’ve finished my second pot, I figured it’s time for me to talk about it! 
I’m always really cautious of using a night moisturizer, I didn’t want to make my skin more oily.  However, especially in the winter, I def need a good moisturizer at night, especially for my forehead area.  So, I walked into Origins one day over the summer [to stock up on VitaZing and Checks and Balances– click for my reviews] and the woman convinced me to purchase Night-A-Mins.  
First, I was totally sold on the scent, it’s like a punch of citrus, which some may better enjoy in the AM, but I also equally love it at night.  I have some issues of being scared of my skin looking dull, and that’s exactly what Night-A-Mins combats.  We all know how important it is to infuse our skin with antioxidants and vitamins, Night-A-Mins packs in vitamin’s C, E, & H.
Here’s a quick breakdown of what exactly each vitamin does…
Vitamin C
-Slows free-radical damage
-Collagen producer 
Vitamin E
-Anti-aging benefits
-Antioxidant benefits   
Vitamin H
-Softens, calms, and hydrates kin 
When you use this moisturizer you can tell it’s working right when you apply it, I’m not kidding.  It feels amazing, and the next morning you can see your skin is bright and supple despite having been asleep on a pillow for the past 7hrs.  Added bonus, you won’t feel greasy when you apply it, or when you wake up in the morning.  The ingredients are really perfect!
This is one of Origins best selling products, so obviously tons of people love it! xo  

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