Spotlight: Kerry Washington

I started watching the first season of Scandal during my winter break, since it was only seven episodes I finished in a day.  [Disclaimer: I had always wanted to watch it, but just never had the time] 
Now, I’m almost caught up on season 2 [I watch about 500 shows, so I’ve been a little slow] and my obsession with Kerry Washington is growing a tad out of control.  
Calvin Klein 
My obsession is partly rooted in the fact that she’s a GW Alum and two years ago when she was visiting GW [she’s on the Board of Trustees] I was in an elevator with her, just me and her at 8 in the morning [each carrying a large coffee] and I literally didn’t know what to do so I just said, “hi”– and probably awkwardly stared at her beauty…I’m such a loser.  I also remember exactly what she was wearing: a black pencil skirt with a white blouse, red bag, and leopard heels.  
Christian Dior
Christian Dior 
Vivienne Westwood 
Temperley London 
How ironic, I started writing this post yesterday, and coincidentally SHE’S ON GOOD MORNING AMERICA RIGHT NOW AS I TYPE. 
Thakoon for Gap
Rachel Roy
Herve Leger
Ms. Washington has def been on the fabulous end of the fashion scale recently being slightly daring, which works about 95% of the time.  I know she’s had come criticism recently on some outfits, but whatever…I think she pushes the envelope just right.  
Calvin Klein 
Derek Lam 
Michael Kors 
ALL I CAN SAY IS, I hope she continues to wow us all with her Olivia Pope perfectness.  Bluefly did a Closet Confession back in November, detailing how she creates the fashionable Ms. Pope…so check it out below! 

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