Bobbi Brown: Face Touch Up Stick

The change of seasons always wrecks havoc on my skin no matter what prevention measures I take against it.  SO, in an effort to just disguise anything imperfect I turn to Bobbi Brown’s Face Touch Up Stick…it’s such a lifesaver and definitely one of my must-have products.
I’ve been using this since last winter, and it always does it’s job covering up an unsightly blemish or redness from the cold.  It’s super small and compact, you can keep it anywhere.  I have one in my makeup bag at all times, but I’m thinking about getting another one maybe for the car or something, in case I need to touch up quickly before going somewhere.  
You don’t need any brushes with this, I just dot it on the area I’m covering up, and tap it in with my ring finger until it’s all blended.  The formula is creamy, oil-free, and not cake-y at all, so it’s very easy to just blend with your finger when you’re on the go.  Another amazing aspect of this product…it comes in 19 shades, so no matter what complexion your working with, Bobbi Brown has you covered…literally.  It’s also very compatible for any skin type whether you’re normal, combo, oily, or dry…so no worries there!
You can purchase this on, it’s not available in stores, unfortunately you can only buy it online from Sephora.  I bought mine from Blue Mercury, I’d highly suggest stopping by a store first to make sure you pick the correct color since there are so many options!  

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  1. I like the idea of makeup lying around for my daily troubles haha. I've never tried this kind specifically but have been using Maybelline spot corrector – like you mentioned though,there are not a lot of colors…so I'm considering it haha I love Blue Mercury something different from Sephora

    Following you from the Walkabout blog hop and would love if you'd visit our blog at lovely blog! love your christmas ideas too, more shopping

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