Healthy Eating 101: Quinoa

Okay so since I’ve been cooking a lot recently I wanted to share with you my new, and everybody else’s, obsession with quinoa!  I typically make this and serve it with a fish [salmon] and side of veggies.  I really love quinoa because it’s so healthy and you can literally cook it 8593275 different ways and not get bored.
Here are some reasons why everyone should be adding quinoa into their diet!
-With the amount of amino acids it’s considered a “complete protein”
-It’s gluten-free
-No cholesterol
-Low in fat, high in manganese 
-Has anti-inflammatory benefits 
-Super easy to prepare
I love Near East’s (you can find it in any grocery store) quinoa-blend options, which also include brown rice…I usually get the rosemary olive-oil.  But, you can buy quinoa and add your own flavors as well!

I also love Seeds of Change’s Quinoa and Brown Rice Blend, I find this at Whole Foods.  When you need something in a rush, this is a perfect option because it’s ready in 90 seconds and is already in microwavable pouch.  Boom.

Anyway, here are some recipes to try!

Quinoa with Garlic, Pine Nuts, and Raisins 
I think I would take out the raisins, but that’s just me!

Quinoa and Parsley Salad
Perfect for a weeknight, only takes 20minutes to make! 

Spice Rubbed Pork with Quinoa 
Yum. I think I’ll make this next week and post pics.

Quinoa and Herb Crusted Lamb

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  1. i love quinoa! i tried it only because i was doing a dr. oz cleanse and i actually really enjoyed it! i ended up making a quinoa salad (i forget the other ingredients) and it was delicioius!

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