Halloween Party Inspiration

I’ll be hosting a Halloween party in my apartment this year and being that I love all things holiday related and decorating I’m using Pinterest to gather some inspiration for decoration ideas and most importantly…food ideas!

Check out some of the amazing Halloween spreads I found while happily letting time slip by searching Pinterest!!  
I’m definitely making this for sure!

Get the recipe for these Frankenstein treats, and others, here!
I wish I had a front porch to do this, love all those pumpkins!

Super simple and inexpensive idea, fill dollar store class holders with candy corn and a tea light candle.

LOVE this!
Too easy: vanilla pudding, orange sprinkles, and crushed Oreos!
I’m def making those fruit sticks!  Get some more recipes here
Super easy snack! 

Obviously, I’ll be making this!  Here’s the recipe!  

NutterButters dipped in white chocolate, so simple! 

Another super easy and inexpensive way to decorate!

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