Laura Mercier Mineral Powder with SPF 15

Everybody is loving mineral makeup, and rightfully so.  I love it because it makes my skin appear luminous, flawless, and natural.  Also, if you “forget” to take off your makeup one night, mineral bases won’t wreck the havoc on your skin the way other products will.  

Anyway, I’ve been using Laura Mercier’s Mineral Powder with SPF 15 in ‘Real Sand’ for a while now.  I love that this product is oil-free and it won’t budge on a hot day.  It creates a very matte look for me, which is what I always want since I’m so conscious of shine.  My skin can also be sensitive sometimes, which causes redness.  Using the mineral powder is really calming, and covers up all signs of sensitivity.  

This product also covers up all your little imperfections from breakouts to wrinkles.  I never need concealer when I use this mineral powder since it already does all the work.  And no worries on looking cakey, it applies light and as I already said, makes you look flawless.

  Another bonus: you don’t need touchups, it’ll last all day long…which I really need now that I’m leaving my apartment at 6:30am and not coming back until sometimes 8:30pm.  

I definetely suggest trying Laura Mercier over Bare Escentuals, I know how popular Bare Escentuals is, but I really feel Laura is better!  Have any of you tried Laura Mercier’s Mineral Powder?  Let me know what you think! xo  


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