The Body Shop’s Aloe Protective Restoring Mask

I recently purchased the Body Shop’s Aloe Protecting Restoring Mask, and I reallllyyyy realllyyy likeeeee itttt!!

First of all, it’s recommended by Vogue, so obviously it must be good.  But, that’s not the reason I bought it.  I tend to have some redness sometimes on certain areas of my face, you can never tell with makeup on, but I don’t always want to wear makeup.  SO, I need something to combat this issue.  We all know aloe heals sunburn, so using aloe in a mask form for the face just makes sense.  Duh.

This mask is very cooling and refreshing, it doesn’t have that ‘stingy‘ feeling most masks do.  I’m using it weekly, and I hope to see results soon!  Although, if I don’t I don’t think I’ll necessarily mind, it’s just nice to use once a week to unwind, it’s very relaxing.  Anyway, the texture is very creamy, so it applies more like a moisturizer than your typical face mask does.

I think this mask will really show its true colors in the winter weather when everyone’s skin is battling the harsh coldness.  Hopefully it’ll keep me hydrated and glowly during the winter!

I def suggest this product, as always I love love love The Body Shop.  If you’re a little weary on the price just sign up for their emails, they’re always sending out coupon codes and deals — I recently saved over $70 and ended up paying only about $30 for my order.  Perfection, right?

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