Web Roundup of Fabulosity

My favorite fashion and beauty reads from this week!  But first…

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Inside the Man Repeller’s (Small) Closet — Check out the shoe collection of one of my favorite bloggers The Man Repeller.  [Refinery 29]

Smart, 300-Calorie Morning Meals — I always have trouble finding good breakfast options, I’m the ultimate bagel chick.  But, since I’m really wanting to make major lifestyle changes I need to make sure I’m eating a hearty but healthy breakfast.  There are some great low-calorie but filling options in this article! [Fitness Magazine]

Pyramid Peak — If anybody is in the mood to purchase these Giuseppe Zanotti’s for me, let me know! I’m obsessed with the fabulous Mr. Zanotti, I got to attend his Fashion Night Out party at his Madison Avenue boutique two years ago and was like…right next to him.  As Rachel Zoe would say…I die. [The Zoe Report]

How to Paint Your Right (or Left) Hand — Painting your non-dominant hand nails can be veryyy difficult.  Birchbox gives some great tips on how to be just a little more focused, and get the job done looking better than ever. [Birchbox]

Fight Acne with These Surprising Skin Savers — Easy home remedies to banish a breakout.  I love home remedies, you almost always have all the ingredients already, and staying simple is usually the best option! [Refinery 29]

Pass the Papaya — This enzyme peel by Elemis helps out your skin, and people, in need all at once!  I really want to try this out, Elemis is a great brand, and I’ve never used papaya extract before.  Also, for every peel sold a child in Africa will receive vaccination for the 5 leading diseases in their country. [The Zoe Report]

50 Books for the Fashion Obsessed — I love fashion coffee table books.  Santa got me the Harper’s Bazaar book this year, which I was lusting after.  I bought Savage Beauty, the Alexendar McQueen book when I waited over 2 hours to see the exhibit at the ME, and I’m currently contemplating buying the Louboutin book as a housewarming gift…for myself.  Check out the 50 best fashion books, according to Lucky!  [Lucky]

Top 10 Arm Moves — Check it outttt, super easy moves you can do while watching Real Housewives in your bedroom.  [Fitness Magazine]

How to Make a Teeny-Tiny Home Feel Palatial — Seeing as I move into a my own studio apartment in 5 DAYS I think I should start planning my organization strategies.  [Refinery 29]


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