Finding Mr. Bright

Benefit’s ‘Finding Mr. Bright’ Makeup MANual is an awesome makeup kit that includes everything you need to look bright and beautiful to…find the man of your dreams.  

I received one of these in my Gorgeous on the Go: Summer Edition Birchbox (different from the monthly Birchbox, it was a limited edition that is now sold out).  It’s great that this came in the Gorgeous on the Go box, which was $48 (I actually ended up only using Birchbox points to pay for the whole thing), because this kit retails for $36…although now it’s on sale on Benefit’s website for $28.  ANYWAY, the box has four products, two of which I already use religiously.  I figured I’d go through each product to give you an idea of what exactly goes into “finding mr. bright”!

Girl Meets Pearl is an all-over luminizer that you can either mix in with foundation or even wear alone (although I vote for mixing it in with foundation).  It has a pearly color, hence the name, but it’s not sparkly or anything like that…it’s not too much.  I probably wouldn’t normally buy this product, I do like it, but I mostly use Benefit’s High Beam (click for a previous post I wrote on it) as a luminizer in certain areas, and not all over my face. 
Erase Paste has saved my life so many times, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this product.  I use it as a concealer for any and all blemishes, it seriously covers up everything.  I also use it right down the sides of my nose, it brightens up my face and gives a completely even skin tone.  The only caution with this product, seriously use sparingly!  You don’t need to pile on product with this, a little goes a long way in making you look flawless!

HIGH BEAM IS THE BEST HIGHLIGHTER EVER, IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE UNIVERSE.  I use this almost everyday on my brow bones and higher up on my cheek bones.  The look this gives you is so natural, yet super bright.  If I’m going out at night I’ll also put some on the bridge of my nose, it reflects the light nicely and gives a great glowly look. 
I’ve actually have had a Posietint sample for a while that I just haven’t used, and now I have two…whoo.  I had never used this product before I got it in this kit, I don’t know why but for some reason I’m scared of cheek stains.  I think the word stain bothers me…I don’t know.
Anyway, I wasn’t entirely sure on how to apply it, but thankfully Benefit’s website has step-by-step instructions (see here) and I applied it flawlessly!  It’s a nice soft pink, I typically only use NARS Orgasm Multiple on my cheeks, but this was a little brighter and refreshing for the summer.  Posietint can also be used for the lips, I didn’t use both at once but this morning I put on my Chapstick, then blended some Posietint over it.  It looks good, very soft and not too dramatic, which is exactly how I like it! 

Each one of these products definitely enhances natural beauty, it’s not too much or what I call “makeup-y” at all and it’s perfect for summer, when natural is the go to look for the daytime.  If you’re looking for a new kit, or want to sample one or two of these products def try this out!

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