Summery Nautical Fun

Summery Nautical Fun

I was reading a magazine recently that highlighted the ever so popular nautical look this summer.  Now, you don’t need to go all out to make this look work, but ya know, if you happen to be going to a theme party….go all out.  You just have to incorporate a little to work in the trend, and not worry about looking overdone or crazy.

I love the outfit I created here, I was thinking more along the lines of a theme party perhaps, but I think the accessories mesh really well with the dress, I wanted to keep that simple so I could do more with accessories.  The dress is def on the nautical side, but not to the point where it needs to be the focus of the outfit.

I absolutely love the shoes, I wanted to keep them chic and simple since the jewelry accessories are really about the nautical-ness, and the YSL bracelet is killer.  The earrings are small, so it’s not too much with that piece, and the ring incorporates nautical, but not screaming it with an anchor.

Lastly, just to tie the theme into the makeup, I wanted to highlight MAC Cosmetics ‘Hey Sailor’ Summer 2012 Collection, which is pretty much sold out everywhere.  Since everyone goes pretty natural in the summer, you can glam it up a tad with this red lipstick for the evening.

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