Battle of the Benefit

Benefit Mascara

Benefit is without a doubt my favorite makeup brand…ever…in life.  From High Beam highlighter (see my post here) to That Gal primer, I seriously love all their products.  One of my favorites has always been ‘BADgal lash’ which creates volume and length for any type of lash.  
I’m lucky in that I was blessed with some great eyelashes, but using ‘BADgal’ seriously amps them up, and people always ask if they’re real or not.  I used to use ‘BADgal’ everyday until I met….’they’re Real’ the newest mascara to the benefit line.  The mother of my fabulous friend Sonia, who perfectly works at Sephora, gifted me with a benefit makeup bag with some goodies in it, one of which was the ‘they’re real’ mascara.  I’ve been wanting to try this for awhile, but I never really felt like actually purchasing it, and I was so loyal to ‘BADgal’!
Anyway, short and simple, I’m addicted.  I seriously LOVE this mascara, but it’s only for those who love the VAVOOM.  It’s volumizing, lengthening, adds curl, and seriously separates lashes (which I admit I didn’t love at first, I thought it looked sort of weird, but once I played with it I liked it much better). If you don’t like drama eyes for an everyday look, I think you should pass on this product.  BUT, if you’re like me and you want your eyes to be the cents of attention all day everyday, then def purchase this ASAP
If you’re unsure on super VAVOOM lashes, stick with ‘BADgal’, which in my opinion adds amp, but not too much if you’re weary of extra amp.  If you love super big, super long dramatic lashes, then try out ‘they’re real’ — I think you’ll like it!!   

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