Statement Summer Clutches

I love the nude/ metallic color and the texture of this Rachel Roy ‘Small Sequin Frame Clutch’.  It’s chic and sophisticated, but doesn’t break the bank.  It might not scream SUMMER to everyone, but if you’re wearing a summery dress and sandals, it’ll work just fine with the natural coloring .  PS: It’s on sale on the website for $49, but at checkout you get an extra 25% off!

This clutch definetely needs to be the center of your outfit since it’s prettttyyyyy bold.   The coloring is great, everyone is loving orange this summer, and this shade is right on point.  I’m not in love with envelope style clutches, but I do love the two toned-ness of this clutch, wit the sleek gold middle.  This clutch is from Arden B and can be found here, and even though it also comes in yellow, I much prefer the orange!
I’m obsessed with all things straw and natural this summer, and since pink is my favorite color, I think I may need to purchase this Rebecca Minkoff ‘Fairy Tale’ raffia and patent-leather clutch.  This should def be used in the more casual setting, I’d wear it with a black sundress and wedges, with loaded jewelry.  I found this on the Outnet, and it’s 45% off!  Also comes in orange, which also looks great! 
This Kate Spade ‘Brushstroke’ clutch is definitely a conversation piece.  I think it’s very interesting looking, and at $348 it’s def a splurge item.  Nonetheless, you can pair this with a ton of outfits given its color palette, or use it to accent one or more colors in your outfit. 
This last clutch I found on the Nordstrom website, ‘High Fashion Handbags Clutch’  is super fun because of both the color (who doesn’t love neons) and the funky geometric shape.  It also comes in black and highlighter yellow, but I think I’d opt for the pink.  It’s not shown in this picture, but there is also a strap, which is super convenient.  
Feel free to share any cute clutches you’ve recently seen, or maybe even purchased!! 

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