Bikini So Teeny, Essie Summer 2012

Now that nail polish is officially taking over my life, today I wanted to share the Essie Summer 2012 Collection appropriately titled “Bikini So Teeny”.  I just ordered the mini set from Nordstrom which comes with the first four photoed below, I’m not sure why it doesn’t have ‘All Tied Up’ which is a glittery-bronze but that’s okay but I don’t love it anyway.

I’m such an advocate for the mini bottles of collections, it lets you see if you really love a color (you can always go buy the full size if you want to, but honestly those little bottles go a long way).  I love being able to try a whole collection, without having to pay the price for it.  Very convenient.

Check out the Bikini So Teeny collection below, all links are to Nordstrom (they can even be found in Nordstrom stores if that’s easier for you).  FYI: the actual color Bikini So Teeny is def the color of the summer, so if you’re liking it, buy it ASAP!

I loveeeeeeee Bikini So Teeny, the amount of glitz is perfect, and the blue is unique and not an overpowering blue.  My second favorite is Mojito Madness, the opaque lime green is def a statement, and will look great against a tan.

Bikini So Teeny

Fear or Desire

Mojito Madness 

Off the Shoulder

All Tied Up 

Hopefully I’ll have the polish by the end of the week, and Bikini So Teeny on my nails by Saturday!

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  1. aww I'd love a mini set too! I think I should get all mini sizes of nail polishes coz there's no way I would get through full sizes anyway esp if I plan to have a big collection…

    those colors are very pretty 😀

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