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I recently went to Sephora with a coupon and a giftcard and had some fun, picking up some new things I’ve wanted to try.  I must say Sephora is seriously stepping up its game with their nail polish section.  From their own line with OPI, to carrying NARS and Dior, among other brands, I felt like I was in color heaven looking at all the amazing colors they had in stock.  I blogged yesterday about their Perfect Pair Collections, but when I bought that I also bought some other polishes that I can’t wait to try this summer.

First, I blogged about the NARS for Thakoon summer polish line that came out a little while ago (see full post here) — all the colors are inspired by Thakoon’s Spring 2012 line.  I was beyond happy to see Sephora had the whole line in store!  Since I already had a lot in my shopping bag, I opted to only buy one polish for now, I chose to purchase Kutki, which is a powder blue — but I’m sure I’ll get another one in the near future!  I love this color so much, it’s very unique and quirky which is why I had to have it.

The next polish I got was just a basic white.  I love white nails with super tan skin, it’s bold and makes a statement for the summer.  It’s called White Hot, and FYI apparently it’s limited edition, so it might not be around forever.

As I said I love the Sephora by OPI mini’s — this collection, Indian Summer, caught my eye…so of course I got it!  I think the dark purple may be too dark for summer, so I think I’ll wait for fall to check that one out, but I love the orange and the pink!  The teal glitter will look great just as an accent nail, on the ring finger.  The name of each polish is listed below.

Seriously, it’s a Naan-Issue 
Paisley Attention to Me

What Aura Gonna Wear

I’m So Sari

 The last polish I bought is Sephora’s new UV Effects Top Coat!  This top coat does all the typical “top coat-y” things it should, with an added bonus…flash your nails under a black light and YOU GLOW.  I was at a party last week and in the basement there were a ton of black lights, I had put this top coat on literally the night before and IT LOOKED AMAZING!  Bright/ glow-y things make me happy, and when I saw my nails glowing I freakout out.  The point of that story was….this product really works, and I love it!  Also, if you place your nails in direct sunlight the colors will brighten and change, it’s really fun and really cool, so I def suggest anyone to try it out for a little extra uniqueness!

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