The Body Shop’s Hemp Hand Protector

I’m the ultimate hand washer, I’m always washing my hands, all the time — sometimes for no reason.  The only downside to this is it can be drying, even if using moisturizing hand soap.  SO, to combat this I started using The Body Shop’s Hemp Hand Protector.  Similar to the Strawberry Shower Gel I wrote about the other day, I got this product in the Black Friday promotion bag.  It was a small travel version, I was surprised it had a ton of product in it — which can be unusual for lotion.  When I finished that up I got the big version, I keep it next to my bed, and I slather my hands in it every night before I go to sleep, and I wake up with super soft silky hands.

The Body Shop has a whole Hemp collection, but so far this is the only product I’ve tried.  The main ingredients are hemp seed oil (duh), glycerin, organic beeswax, allotonin, and panthenol.  All of these combine together to repair dry skin and help soften.  The hemp seed oil contains a ton of fatty acids, which helps return moisture to the skin.  I’d also suggest using this on elbows or knees if those are dry spots for you, I’ve never tried it, but I would think this would work great for those areas too.

The smell isn’t too great, but it’s not bad either….the most important part to me is the purpose of the product actually taking effect, which it does…so the smell doesn’t factor too much into my decision to keep using it or not.  I also suggest using only a small amount, and then more if you need too.  It can apply a little greasy, which is another reason why I only use it at night…it might not be too great for during the day when I’m touching things, etc.

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