Sephora by OPI: Perfect Pair

My obsession with Sephora by OPI is no secret, I’m constantly buying the new colors, always getting the collections with the mini bottles.  I love this because I can try new collections without having to buy the regular size, and if I end up loving a certain color, then I’ll go ahead and buy the full size.  So, with that being said, my new obsession is Sephora’s Perfect Pair Nail Colour Set.  They have three different sets of two polishes each that offset each other.

Well, so far they’ve definitely done a great job with this idea.  I purchased the Perfect Pair in ‘Duo Wanna Have Some Fun’.  The main color is described as an “opaque electric coral red” and the pairing is described as a “sheer champagne with medium gold glitter”.  This combination is absolutely beautiful!  I just got them done yesterday and I’ve gotten so many compliments already!  I did two coats of the coral red, and a top coat of the glitter.  They compliment each other perfectly, and it’s the ultimate summer manicure.   

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