True Blue Spa: Heel of Approval

It’s sandal weather which only means one thing…make sure you get a pedicure, and take care of your feet if you’re going to be showing them to the public.  One way to start preparing is by slathering Bath and Body Works’ True Blue Spa’s Heel of Approval Cracked Heel Treatment.  It’s a fabuloussssss moisturizer, that when put on at night, will make your feet soft and fabulous by the next morning.

I love the True Blue Spa line for all my foot care needs.  I’ve been using their Shea butter foot cream for a couple of years, and then I randomly decided to try this and compare the two.  Even though I just started using Cracked Heel Treatment I love it way better than the Shea butter cream…but that was great too!!

The main ingredient in Cracked Heel Treatment is glycolic acid, which helps to break down any dead skin (it’s also used a lot in facial products).  If you’re like me and spend 100% of your time in sandals, heels, and the beach over the summer…then this is super important!  It feels great, and is super buttery and soft when applying– the smell is average, I never really care about the smell as long as the product does its job.  Alsoooooooo, I have to wear socks to bed, it’s a personal issue I have, but it helps immensely in locking in the moisturizer, and maximizing the effect of the product.

This product may be a little pricey, but since it’s the summer, and I have a foot phobia, it’s extremely important to me to look on point at all times.

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