Clinique’s All About Eyes Serum

Spring has officially sprung, there’s beautiful flowers all over campus, everyone’s getting pedis so they can wear their sandals, and sundresses are in full force.  While I of course LOVEEEE all of this, one thing I don’t love is my allergies.  One aspect I especially can’t deal with are itchy and puffy eyes, which for me, is basically the norm.  SO, to at least combat the cosmetic part of this issue I turn to Clinque’s All About Eyes Serum.  I literally only use this product during allergy season since I’m so obsessed with my Origin’s GinZing Eye Cream.  BUT, I’m thinking about incorporating this product more into my everyday routine, it’s gotten so popular and has won many awards, including Allure’s Best of Beauty.

Photo from print advertisement.

Basically, the All About Eyes serum is perfect for me because you apply it using a roller ball which is super cool (I mean literally cooling, especially when your eyes feel like they are burning and you’re gonna die) and refreshing.  The main ingredients are caffeine, antioxidants, and various botanical’s which help to get rid of puffiness and create brightness.  I really love it because of the roller-ball thingy though, it feels like a mini massage which is great to combat the uncomfortableness of itchy eyes or just plain old fatigue.  And, it might not look like there’s a lot.

If you’re looking for a daily mini eye massage and treatment (and seriously, who isn’t?!), this product is definitely for you!!  Click here for it’s availability from Sephora, or you can find it in any major department store!

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