Philosophy’s Hope Spring Eternal

Even though it hasn’t exactly been winter weather here in D.C. there have been some windy days which can be harsh on your skin.  If you’re busy during the day and don’t have time to completely redo your makeup to liven up your face, I highly suggest misting Philosophy’s Hope Springs Eternal Deep Sea Ultra-Fine Hydrating Mist on your face a few times to awaken your skin and make you look fresh and newwwww.

This mist smells good and is super hydrating for your face, which is perfect for winter or windy weather when your skin is facing harsh conditions. Philosophy claims the mist has 250 deep sea minerals, which is a lot, but I mean whatever, I guess it’s possible.  I’d also suggest this spray to set your makeup after you’ve finished applying it, it will basically seal everything in and create a nice finished look.

I use this all the time throughout the day in between work and class, or…even better…class and happy hour.  It really is a fine mist, so you don’t look like you sprayed anything on yourself at all (ex. greasy or wet look) — and because of that, it dries quickly.  I wish I had a small bottle to carry around with me everywhere I go, I’d literally use it all the time, I like it that much.  This is just another great product by Philosophy, one of my favorite brands, and it’s definitely become a staple in my everyday routine!

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