February Birchbox

Seeign that I had a gross stomach bug the other day, I was super excited to open up my Birchbox and get a little glam into my day.  Here’s this month’s goodies!!

I think this nail file is absolutely ADORBZ.  I don’t even want to use it because it’s too cute.

This product an Allure Best of Beauty Award, so I’m excited to try it.  We’ll see how I like it compared to my absolute favorite Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer.

I’m not sure how I feel about press on liner, but I guess that’s the point of this — to try new products!  I’m glad the Birchbox website gives instructions on how to apply them properly, and some additional tips for making them last long.

Dermalogica is a great and somewhat expensive brand, I def wouldn’t just go out a purchase this, especially since I have a favorite exfoliant.  But, I’m really happy I get to try this out, and who knows, if I love it, I may end up purchasing it! 

I know I’ll love this considering it’s my favorite serum — so Birchbox knows me well!!

I’m really happy with this month’s box and can’t wait to get started on using these products! I’ll let you know how it goes =]

And, if you’re interested in signing up for Birchbox click here!  It’s $10 a month for amazing samples, you also earn points with each box that can be put towards money off of a full sized product.  I love the Birchbox blog, and they also have great tips and videos on their website.

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