D.C. Happenings: Sugar and Champagne 2012

The Washington Humane Society honors animal law enforcement and animal cruelty educators every year at the Sugar and Champagne event here in Washington D.C.  Last year was my first Sugar and Champagne experience at the Ritz Carlton D.C., and I was blown away by how fabulous and beautiful it was.  This year the event moved to the Ronald Reagan Building, it was a larger space, allowed for more fabulous D.C. restaurants to showcase their desserts, and allowed more room, most importantly, for all the four legged attendees.  The theme of Sugar and Champagne (exquisite desserts and a ton of unlimited booze) is, in my opinion classy and elegant– and beyondddddddddd fun.  The best part, again in my opinion, is that everyone can bring their dog(s), and many of the restaurants make special desserts they can eat too– I can’t say that about the drinks though!

Sugar and Champagne is a huge event that gets a lot of media attention here in D.C. and I am so lucky to be a part of it, helping out an amazing organization and reaping the benefits of the event at the same time!!  I was placed in the VIP reception area, checking wristbands, not too glam but I still got to mingle with everyone (but couldn’t really find time to snap some pics…wahhh).

Check out my pictures below!!!  PS: Unfortunately my phone died during the event…lame, but I got a few good ones!
Setting up the VIP reception area where guests sampled savory dishes from D.C.’s best restaurants.
Kind of blurry, but this was “Adult Chocolate Milk” — it was amazing, super strong, but still tasted like chocolate milk!

The general reception area, it looked gorgeous!
Buzz Bakery’s fabulous looking table, the cake was auctioned off for $400.  Everything on their table was gone before the event even ended!
It was a cake, I didn’t try any because I’m not really a cake person but it looked delicious!
This is Chilly and he’s awesome.  At first I was thinking “omg, why would you ever do that to your dog” but it turns out he’s the mascot for his parent’s business which is helping to pay for an animal’s surgery so they aren’t euthanized.  The attention he brings helps to spread the word about animal euthanasia in shelters which a huge problem.  He even has his own business card!
I was trying to follow this guy around all night, he’s only 13 months old. So cute, and loved little dogs the most, he would lie down to get on their level, literally. Adorbz.
Set up for the whiskey tasting in the VIP area.  I learned the difference between bourbon, whiskey, and scotch — and got to sample the leftovers after!

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