Inspiration: Georgina Chapman
If you’re currently watching Project Runway All Stars you’re super familiar with the gorgeous Georgina Chapman, co-founder of one of my favorites Marchesa, as she is a judge on this season.  I literally am in love with her, she’s beautiful and for some reason I strangely love her voice.  Also…I don’t think I’ve ever set my eyes upon a Marchesa gown I didn’t drool over.

Georgina comes from a very wealthy family, but I really respect the fact that she’s done her own thing, gone to college, and now is fulfilling her dream of being a luxury fashion designer.  She also loves acting and was in Gossip Girl a couple years ago, playing herself, of course.  Another plus, Georgina is unassuming, and isn’t afraid to steal the show with her designs.  I love it.  Anyway, I’m using her as just a little glam inspiration for the week.  

Chapman’s main style inspiration is Marchesa Luisa Casati, the belle-epoque Italian aristocrat known for walking the streets of Venice naked beneath her furs, with her pair of pet cheetahs on diamond leashes. “She lived such a fantastic life,” continues Chapman, who named her company after Casati. “She literally saw herself as a living work of art.” 
From: Harper’s Bazaar  

PS: She was a 2010 International Best Dresse nominee. #winning

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