If you’re unfamiliar with the every so popular website of Pinterest, let me fill you in.  Basically, Pinterest is a website in which you can create ‘boards’ by different categories of your favorite things, though the millions of pictures on the Internet (ex. board names: Places I’d Like to Travel, Fashion, Beauty, Home Inspirations).  You install a ‘pin it’ app on your bookmarks bar, and whenever you come across a picture on the Internet you love, just ‘pin it’ to one of your inspiration boards.  Also, use the search button to go through everybody else’s pins in whatever category you want…you can even get specific…ex. Zanotti shoes…etc.  Then just ‘repin’ their picture to one of your boards.  It’s super easy, fun, and addicting.  It’s amazing how many beautiful pictures of absolutely everything there are on the Internet.   

Check out my Pinterest, I just got started last week so I only have 93 pins right now, and follow me if you have one!  Here’s my link —

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