Boost Those Eyes: Origins GinZing

I first bought Origins GinZing eye cream when I purchased my favorite AM moisturizer of all time VitaZing (check out the link for my post on it).  At first I didn’t really use this product too much, but then I read online about the multiple benefits of eye creams (even for young adults) and I made sure I incorporated this into my everyday routine.  My main concern for underneath my eyes is lack of brightness.  Luckily, I don’t really ever get puffy unless I’m out all night and just haven’t slept.  However, I do want to begin prevention of fine lines and wrinkles, and GinZing covers both.

I only use this product in the morning, since it’s purpose is to make your eyes look better (and do behind the scenes work too) — nobody will care if my eyes look bright while I sleep…I don’t think.  The main ingredients in GinZing are, not surprisingly, caffeine derived from coffee beans, and ginseng.  If you’re not familiar with ginseng, it’s a chinese herb that can be used on the skin and taken in pill form as a supplement.

Super creamy texture. Light pink color.

I apply this after my morning serum by gently tapping a small amount into my skin right underneath my eyes.  I let it sink in for about 30secs and then apply my VitaZing.  I see the results right away, my eyes really do look brighter and more awake.  Hopefully, the fine line and wrinkle aspects of the cream are doing their secret work as the day goes by!

If you’re looking for a new eye cream to add into your routine, I highly suggest this product. Or, poke around and see if there are any other eye creams that may suit your skin type better!

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