Back in Action!


After a long hiatus, I’m finally back with new ideas to post, product reviews, hauls, and more.  This semester went by so quickly, but was filled was so much to do from my internships, to classes, and a job.  Then once the holidays came around I found myself with little time to blog– but now I’m back and I cannot wait to share so many new things, gain new followers, and get to know other bloggers.

Seeing as this is my last semester of college, I can say this is def the first time I’m serious about the goals I’m setting for 2012 andddd I’m super excited for them.  Goals and resolutions can be hard to maintain especially since we always seem to be so busy, it’s easy to get distracted and off track.  BUT, if you make it a priority to keep balance in your everyday life, you’ll find it way easier to keep your goals in check and moving forward.

Yay for 2012!!

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