Serum, So What?

This post was updated April 1, 2016.

Nowadays almost every beauty blog, magazine, or online article stresses the importance of using a daily serum.  I’ve been using one since I got to college, but until I really sat down and read why serums are important, I never really knew why they were all of a sudden so popular.
Here’s a rundown on why serums are a crucial part to your everyday skin routine!
Serums are packed with a ton of highly concentrated ingredients that can easily penetrate the skin because they are both lightweight and fast absorbing.
  • The ingredients used in serums (various vitamins and nutrients) are geared toward what the specific serum is fighting against — acne, redness, fine lines or wrinkles.
  • The purpose of serums is to essentially supercharge your skin with ingredients that wouldn’t work to their maximum potential if mixed into a moisturizer.
  • Serums are supposed to be applied before your daytime or nighttime moisturizer — and never use serum as a replacement for moisturizer!!  It should just be another step in your daily routine.
  • You never need as much of the product as you think you do, you want to create a thin layer over your face and pat it into the skin gently — don’t apply it the way you apply lotion after you shower…you want to make sure it’s really pressed into the skin to have the best effect.
It may seem annoying, and maybe even unnecessary, to add an extra step to your skincare routine.  I happen to not mind, and I think that adding this step has helped make my skin brighter and more even toned.  Almost every skincare brand makes some sort of serum, find which would be the best for your skin by making sure it works against any skin issues you may have, dry or oily — or find one suited best for normal skin!  I can guarantee that you’ll be happy you added this into your routine!

Interested in adding, or switching up, a serum to your routine?  Check out my reviews below!

Here are some of my favorite serums…
Valentia EvenGlow Vitamin C Serum
Murad Recovery Treatment Gel 

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