Fashion’s Night Out

Yesterday officially kicked off Fashion Week…I was planning on going to NYC for the Independent Fashion Blogger conference, but with my internship/classes I couldn’t go.  But I’ll def be there next year.  This also means I won’t be at the NYC Fashion’s Night Out tonight which makes me super sad.
If you’re not familiar with Fashion’s Night Out it was started by Vogue as a way to connect different groups of people, who love fashion, together…breaking the boundary between the “Vogue world” and everyone else in society (literally, like all the normal people in the world).  NYC basically turns into a gigantic party, everybody lets loose before the fabulous yet grueling Mercedes Benz Fashion Week begins.  FNO now takes place all over the country, and all over the world.  Bananasssss.  I just have to throw this in because I think its hilarious…there’s even an iPhone app that can create an itenary for you of where to go, what celebs will be where, and where the free shiz is at (for NYC only).
Last year I experienced my first FNO and it was beyond amazing.  I went to Saks Fifth Avenue and played bingo with Jessica Szohr (Vanessa from Gossip Girl) and Victoria Secret Angel, Karolina Kurkova.  Awesomesauce.  Then I went to Dolce and Gabbana and was able to meet Naomi Campbell (and added bonus…see her throw a temper tantrum) and mingle around Tyson Beckford, Chris Bosh, Laurie Ann Gibson, Kelly Rutherford, and Denise Richards.  Naomi Campbell gave a performance outside the store with Dolce and Gabbana models.  It wasn’t really great and in my opinion pointless, but whatever Naomi is a fierce biatch who, well-deservedly, reigns the model world.  
PS. My beautiful friend Ashanthi caught her hat. #Winning.
My friends and I ended up staying most of the night at Giuseppe Zanotti’s Madison Avenue store. It was a private party but we were invited in while walking down the street. Double awesomesauce.  Mr. Zanotti was there himself…so was Kelly Rowland, the cast of The City, Michelle Trachtenberg, Wendy Williams, Angela and Vanessa Simmons, and abuncha other random people you’ve seen on TV abuncha times.  We got the most beautiful goodie bags ever I still have mine all packaged up.  (I’m actually in the background of this picture with Whitney Port…and Mr. Zanotti… hahahaha)
lol creepin’ in the background — it’s way more clear that it’s me when you go to the actual pic on the link
This year I’ll be celebrating FNO in Georgetown helping DC Scout hand out packets to attendees down M St.  I know it won’t be as over the top as NYC, but it’ll be nice to experience something different.  A lot of stores and restaurants are hosting parties complete with discounts….and champagne.  I’m really excited to be in Georgetown this year because it’s my last year to experience DC’s FNO.  There might not be abuncha celebrities prancing around M St., but I think that’s better because the night is supposed to be about fashion and charity…both of which I’m obsessed with.

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