Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Mask

 I decided this was a perfect time to write about the Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Mask because…it’s currently on my face.  
If you don’t know, vitamin E is fabulous for your skin…and your body in general.  It’s an antioxidant which helps the skin battle pollution and sun damage.  It also seriously helps in the anti-aging category.  It can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles and keeps the skin super hydrated.  Lastly, it can also help fade any scars you may have, for example any acne scarring.

It’s basically a super thick lotion, you apply it all over the face and leave it on for however long you’d like.  They suggest minimum 10 minutes…you can even sleep with it on if you have super dry skin and are looking for a serious treatment.  Also, you just tissue off the mask, no water required, which helps to allow the moisture to be locked in.
The main ingredients are vitamin E (duh), cotton seed oil, rice bran, and organic soya oil.  These other ingredients (besides the vitamin E) have repair and healing properties in them which is why the longer you leave it on, the potentially better results! 
I really love this mask and I try to use it once a week.  It’s very calming and cooling, unlike most masks that have the tingling feeling to them.  You have to remember the purpose of this mask is not to clear up skin or unclog pores– it’s to hydrate and repair aging or sun damage. 
This will be perfect to battle the harsh winter weather, even though we still have a few more months…keep this mask in mind!

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