The past couple of days have been rainy and dreary….with even a slight chill in the air.  Yuck.  I take this time to do everything in the house I should have done months ago, and then just hang around and read.  BUT, my favorite thing to do on days like these is take a bath, I don’t normally have time to do this, but I try to make it a priority when the weather is bleh.
So, during times like these I loveee having my Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Bath Soaks.  Right now I have two: Eucalyptus Spearmint for stress relief and Lavender Vanilla for sleep.  The eucalyptus spearmint is def my favorite of the two, I just don’t think the lavender vanilla has as strong of a scent…but I still like it!
The scent in both of these salts lasts awhile, my entire bathroom smells great after I use them.  They’re made with essential oils and sea salt, I usually fill the cap and use that to measure it out, I use about 3-4 capfuls.
As you can see my bath soaks are designed a little bit differently…they must have just redone the label design because I only got these a month ago.  I’m a huge lover of aromatherapy, so if you need to relax and unwind, I stronglyyyy suggest these bath salts!

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