Happy Birthday Zoe Report!

I die for this closet. Freakin ba-na-nas.
Today is Rachel Zoe’s Zoe Report’s second birthday!  If you don’t know, the Zoe Report is a daily email highlighting something fabulous in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle world.  I’ve been subscribed to the Zoe Report since it started, I’ve watched every single episode of The Rachel Zoe Project (and have the third season on my iPhone), read her book A to Zoe, been all up in her contributions to Piperlime.com AND went to Neiman Marcus yesterday to look at her new collection.  
Obvz, I love her.  She truly is a style and stylist icon, we’ve all seen Anne Hathaway, Eva Mendes, and Cameron Diaz (pictured below) look absolutely gorg on the red carpet…besides their natural beauty you can credit all of that to Ms. Zoe for putting it together.  
Anne Hathaway styled by Zoe for the Oscars.

Cameron Diaz styled by Zoe for the Oscars.

Eva Mendes styled by Zoe for the Golden Globes.
 Not only is she awesome with everything she does (if you think I’m craycray for being obsessed with her, just watch her show…or read her book…) BUT she went to my college (GWU) AND majored in sociology.  Just. Like. Me.  OH, and she also grew up in Jersey, like myself…it really doesn’t get much better. 
Zoe recently launched her new high-end collection, check out the YouTube video of behind the scenes action she made with…one of my favorites…Shopbop.  PS. She also has a line with QVC, so check it out for super affordable finds. 


The daily Zoe Report is amazing, giving great advice to every fashionista in the world, even giving some awesome discounts along the way.  Sign up for the Zoe Report here!  I promise you you’ll love it and be excited to read it everyday.
Oh ya, and her baby Skyler Morrison Berman, will be the best dressed child…in the whole world.  Duh.

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