21st Birthday…Atlantic City Styleeee

My birthday was July 19th, but I had a huge birthday party in Atlantic City this past Saturday.  It was without a doubt the best night of my life…all of my best friends were there from when I was 4 year old to the amazing friends I’ve met in college. It was pureee perfection and couldn’t have gone any better!   We stayed in the House of Blues Suite at the Showboat Casino and I had VIP at Jay Z’s 40/40 Club…aka I have the best mommy in the world!  It was the ultimate in fabulousness, and all of my girls looks GORGEOUS, and my boys super handsome
It was so hot and sticky out my hair did not last long at all, but whatever.  My dress is from Express (in indigo), I was beyond surprised when I saw it in the store and even more impressed when I tried it on.  My clutch is the Sutton by Michael Kors, and my shoes are Ivanka Trump from Bloomingdales!  I was calling them my Cinderella heels, not so comfortable but whatever.
This weekend made me realize the amazing friends I have.  People coming from D.C., Chicago, Georgia and even just the two hour drive in Jersey meant the world to me!  I honestly have the best friends ever, and just like they’d do anything for me…I’d go above and beyond to do anything for them!

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