Save Some Moolahhhh

Bath and Body Works AND Victoria Secret are having their MAYYJAHH sales going on right now!!  I feel like both of these stores suck me in, hypnotize me, and force me to buy everything in sight. It’s so awful…but not really!  Anyway, I told myself if I was going to purchase anything from either of these stores it would be online as opposed to in store.  For some reason, especially when I’m in Bath and Body, I just keep adding things to my basket and I lose all control.  I’m not like that online, thank god.
I wanted to get a few things from Bath and Body for the new school year coming up…I gave myself a $50 limit and got to searching for things I’d need for senior year.  I love the aromatherapy line at Bath and Body so I got most of my items from that line.  I can’t remember everything I got, and I’ll be in Africa when my package gets here, but I’ll do a haul when I get back!  
Anywayyyyy, I wanted to stress right now how amazing this Yellow sale is.  There’s also a 20% off coupon you can use in store or online in addition to everything being 50% off.  C-r-a-z-y.  I used that coupon and calculated how much my order would have been without the sale or the coupon.  Although to be honest I wouldn’t of bought anything if it wasn’t on sale.  With my $50 budget I ended up saving over $50!  Without the sale prices or coupon my total came to $110…I can’t believe I saved $60…amazingnessssss!! 
So, shop the Yellow Sale…indulge a little because you’re saving so much money….and use promo code SALE20 at online checkout, or print this coupon, for that extra 20% off!
Next, Victoria Secret.  I love Victoria Secret and I always seem to have a gift card to use which is great.  The semi-annual sale is going on right now — there’s also an online promo for 20% off any one item, code HOTSUMMER, AND free shipping over $100, promo code SHIPVS11.  
I was looking online and there are a ton of cute summer dresses on sale, I have way too many so I’m not even gonna consider buying one — fighting the urge, ugh so hard.  The only thing I’ll be purchasing from the semi-annual sale this time around are sheets from the Pink line.  I seem to have quite a few holes in my sheet sets right now, I think my dog claiming my bed as his has something to do with it.  If you’re looking for lounge wear def check out the Pink sale section, it’s my favorite and they have a ton of cute stuff!!

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