Post Party Survival Kit

One of my best friends turned 21 on Friday night, so naturally a large joyous party took place.  While the night of a party is always sure to be a good (memorable?) time, the morning may bring some aches, pains, and smeared eyeliner. SO, I make sure I always have my morning-after-survivor-kit no matter what.  It’s not too much stuff just enough to make me feel like a human being again in case I need to go somewhere and can’t go home right away (usually it’s meeting my mother for Cheesecake Factory to help me come back to life).
The first thing you’ll need is a small tote bag that can still fit a lot in it.  I always use my Marc by Marc Jacobs nylon tote, it’s not too big but it fits what I need it to!  Next, I put a big t-shirt, sweatpants, and a pair of socks in for whenever I desire to go to sleep.  I never bring shorts because you never know if you’ll have a blanket so sweatpants just make that easier!  Socks are also super important to me because I hate sleeping without socks on.   Hmm, I also keep my Hello Kitty pillow in my car at all times because, you never know when you’ll need a pillow.
NEXT, I pack my bathroom essentials.  First, a toothbrush/ small toothpaste…duh. I also make sure I have a comb, not that I’ll particularly care about my hair if I have a awful headache but still it’s just good to have.  Since most of the time people don’t wash their makeup off after taking shots of vodka it’s crucial to wash it off right when you wake up the next morning.  I bring my travel bottle of Philosophy’s Purity face wash, I use this all the time and it gets the job done even on smeared eyeliner and now clumpy mascara.
After I wash my face for a hot minute I moisturize with….Vita-Zing my favorite product on the whole planettttttt!!! And I always use Rosebud lip balm.  Usually at this point I look like a half-normal human which is always better than looking like a zombie!      
I also make sure I bring deodorant and my biggest pair of sunglasses to hide my face the best I can.  Oh, ya, Advil is probably a good idea to have on hand too (although I don’t have any right now) #justsayin.
ONE LAST THING, always have a huge bottle of water with you.  I usually bring a liter bottle…right when you wake up it’s crucial to drink drink drink…water and nothing else (including my beloved hangover drink, iced coffee).  It’ll sometimes immediately alleviate a headache and it’ll reduce redness or puffiness in your face from dehydration!! 

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  1. Ah crap I didn't mean to delete that I just wanted to edit it, guess that's not an option haha. well i LOVE this post, and we use the same tooth brush AND tooth brush holder thing haha

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