Help Japan with Beauty

There are no words to describe how terrible the situation in Japan is, and just like with Haiti the world needs to come together to help rebuild a nation.  Thankfully, in today’s world there are a million different outlets that make helping out that much easier.  Using fashion and beauty were great ways to get people involved in the Haiti relief, and I suspect the same will be said for the efforts in Japan.
Here are just a few ways to help out!
Tory Burch has a limited edition, Japan relief t-shirt for $29.  All the proceeds go directly to the Red Cross and will be available until September.  If you’re a member of Rue La La they’ll have the t-shirt in a boutique for the next 4 days.  I preordered mine a few days ago, and now they are officially on sale!

Boscia, a leading Japanese beauty brand, is donating 10% of sales when buyers purchase their cult-fave blotting linens.  I’ve used these blotting linens before, and I def recommend them.  There are a bunch of different scents to choose from, I’ve only tried the vanilla.  I think I’m going to order the green tea and lavender ones next!
Chella, which is best known for brow maintenance, is also donating 10% of their sales to the Red Cross.  While I’ve never personally purchased any of their products, I intend on buying the Brow Full-Fillment Conditioning Treatment.  It’s a little pricey, but you get free shipping and samples with purchases over $50.
Any donations you can make to the Red Cross, whether you buy something from a retailer or not, will help Japan get back on track to being fab country it is! These two brands are just a few of the top beauty retailers that come out of Japan, and they need their businesses supported to (think, employees and their displacement, etc.)!!
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