Travel Life: London

I have been fortunate enough to have the most fabulous and glamorous time in London thus far!! Yesterday, my friend Sonia and I got into Heathrow around 10:30 in the morning, and went to her cousin’s apartment in Holborn.  It’s so cute, we walked around on the roof and I just started taking it all in. So beautiful!
We went to a nice steakhouse, Sophie’s Steakhouse, for lunch and then I settled in at the Grange Holbone Hotel, my home for the next few days.  The hotel is absolutely beautiful, and of course I got the hookup and I’m in a super nice suite.  Since we were jet lagged we just walked around town for a little bit and then took a nap to rest up before her cousin’s 21st birthday party!

 After napping and spending plenty of time getting ready, we all went to one of the most amazing restaurants I’ve ever been to, Fino’s, which is a tapas restaurant.  The food and wine kept coming for about 3 hours…it was divine to say the least.  The food was so fresh and portions the perfect size…  America should seriously take note.
Then, we went to Cuckoo Club which was AMAZING– it’s been referred to as “the ultimate in late night decadence”, has been featured in Vogue, and is frequented by the likes of Alexa Chung, Elle Macpherson, and just about every musician in the world from P.Diddy to The Killers.  Oh yea, Prince William and Prince Harry have also partied at Cuckoo.  So, like, I obviously belonged there. So many people were waiting and couldn’t get in, it was insane. I highly suggest it for anyone looking to go clubbing in London…and if you can throw down tons of mooolahh, get a table, it’s much easier.
Today was our designated shopping day which I’ll talk about in my next post– which will be solely dedicated to it.  I fell in love with all the boutiques and stores on Oxford and Regent streets.  So much to choose from and so little time.
Tonight, we went for drinks at Claridge’s hotel, apparently, “stars, socialites and the crowned heads of Europe have enjoyed this 5 star hotel for over 100 years”.  Honestly, I just hope one day I can stay in the suite designed by DvF…I’d die.
Claridge’s is stunning on the inside, and the bar was low key but high end.  I drank lavender martinis…they make a point to have you know they’re served in fine crystal glasses…it was SO good — a mix of Grey Goose, lime, and cranberry infused with lavender…aka heaven.
Going to sleep now…Buckingham Palace tomorrow !!
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