Benefit High Beam Highlighter

I leave for London in a few hours, but I really wanted to get a post in first!  One thing I know I will be wearing every single day while I’m in London and Rome is Benefit’s High Beam liquid highlighter!
I purchased my first High Beam about a year ago– and I can def say it has become a year round staple in my makeup bag.  I bring it everywhere with me!
High Beam can be used anywhere on your face…I use it on my eyes, on the top of my cheekbones, and a tiny bit above my brow bone and on the bridge of my nose.  It instantly brightens up my complexion without doing too much….so easy and effortless!!
I also sometimes mix a small amount into my tinted moisturizer…but depending on how you apply bronzer, it may lose its effect.  If you just go through the day with tinted moisturizer on, I suggest mixing some High Beam in…you’ll have an awesome glow throughout the day!

Also, when I’m doing nighttime makeup I use High Beam as a primer for my blush…it helps bring out the color of the blush you’re using and overall makes it look brighter.
The color is perfect, will match any skin tone, and as I said earlier can def be used year round.  If you’re feeling or think you’re looking dull or tired midday, swiping a little of High Beam on will make a huge difference!
PS: High Beam’s nickname is “supermodel in a bottle”.  Ironic, because I like to consider myself a supermodel.
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