Working Out Made Easy

Truth: I hate going to the gym.   I always think it smells weird.  I’m scared the machines are super dirty.  And if I’m gonna go, I want it to be empty– which is only at 6am (…snooze).
Although I hate the gym I do know how important it is to work out and stay healthy.  So, I’ve attempted to make my dorm room into a mini-gym that caters to exactly what I want to do.  I don’t have to worry about my room smelling weird, being dirty, or too crowded- it’s perfect!  So, if you don’t like going to the gym either here are some simple suggestions to create your room into a relaxing and easy place to get a good workout in.

My first step was to go out and buy some weights, I have two 5lb weights that I try to use everyday.  I also have a resistance band– which I absolutely love because I love yoga.  Okay, so now that I have this stuff– what do I do with it??
I’m a magazine junkie, sometimes I stop and ask myself why I get every single magazine every single month– after the first two I read I notice they really just all repeat themselves.  Anyway, I love ripping out the exercise pages and taping them on my wall.  Honestly, it’s become a great motivation for me…why would I want to look at my wall at a girl who has super fit arms and not have them myself??? Seriously.  I switch out the pages on my wall every month so I get variety, from arms, abs, legs, back, and butt…magazines cover them all.
I go to college in Washington, D.C. so I typically walk to get to where I need to go.  Lately, I’ve been walking WAY more than I used to, and I’ve made it a rule to walk a certain amount each day.  I have an iPhone app (SprintGPS– the free one!!) that tracks how much I’ve walked by the amount of time I’ve been walking and speed I go.
Lastly, for anyone that likes yoga, I strongly recommend subscribing to Yoga Journal.  Yoga Journal sends daily emails with new moves (the how-to videos are so helpful!!) to use and tips for making your current yoga experience a deeper one.  Recently they had a 21-day challenge, which was fun and different– incorporating new moves, meditations, and healthy food choices.

I love Yoga Journal because they really want to enhance your current yoga expeirence, the emails are great and cover all aspects of lifestyle besides just the exercising part.  Their articles are well written and some of their topics are life changing. Sign up for Yoga Journal with this link: I can promise you’ll be hooked on everything they have to say!!

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