Lush’s Coalface Facial Cleanser

So, fresh off talking about how much I love Lush here is a  review on my absolute favorite product by them– Coalface Cleansing Bar.
The coalface bar is perfect for anybody who has normal to oily skin.  If you have dry skin steer clear using this as a daily cleanser, the bar might be way to harsh for you and dry you out.  I’m right on the border of normal to oily which is why I think this product works so well for me.
At first I was leery of buying a “bar” cleanser– I’ve always viewed them as moisture stripping and just the idea of them sounded ancient to me.  But, when I tried coalface in the store I was intrigued and bought some to try.  Ever since then I’m already on my second bar (each bar lasts a fair amount of first one lasted me 4 months).

 I personally don’t use this product in the morning– I use it after taking off my makeup, in the shower, on completely clean skin.  I create a lather with the bar and rub into my skin for about 30 seconds.  Once rinsed off my face literally feels so super squeaky clean.  I’ve never felt that before with a cleanser so at first I worried that it was making my skin too dry, but after applying all my routine products, my skin felt so soft and hydrated.
As I said earlier, I wouldn’t recommend this for dry skin on a daily basis…but I would recommend using this as an exfoliate maybe once or twice a week but def not more than that.  When I want to exfoliate I put the bar directly to my face, it’s grainy and will give you an amazing exfoliating treatment.  Don’t use too much, or apply too much pressure, you don’t want it to be too harsh on your skin and dry you out.
I noticed results after using this product just a couple of weeks into it.  My oily areas are under control and I haven’t had a breakout since I started using Coalface.
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